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Friday, 23 December 2011

My Favourite Music Videos Of 2011

A lot of music related end of year lists being posted on my blog recently.
Here's another one:

My Top 5 Music Videos O The Year:

5) Ed Sheeran - Lego House
Ed Sheeran's third music video has Rupert Grint (aka Ron Weasley) playing the part of Ed Sheeran. Writing the lyrics to and singing Lego House. However, after he is dragged off stage by security it soon becomes apparent that Rupert Grint isn't playing the part of Sheeran but of an obsessive fan who dresses and wants to be like Ed Sheeran. Entertaining if not slightly creepy.....

4) Radiohead - Lotus Flower
So Radiohead made a surprise this year when they released their album King Of Limbs with less than a weeks notice. So what images and visuals could represent the new musical direction they had taken? Well lead singer Thom Yorke dancing obviously.

3) Arctic Monkeys - Suck It And See
Drummer Matthew Helders takes the lead role in this bad boy mini movie. Pretty cool.

2) Kasabian - Re-Wired

The video sees Leicester rockers Kasabian starting off in a Mercedes whilst being chased by a 4x4. They drive into traffic cones; run across a golf course; hot wire a Ford Escort;  rolled an old fiat  and steal a camper van from a petrol station. If Top Gear made a music video...

1) Foo Fighters - Walk
My favourite music video of the year sees Dave Grohl frustrated in a traffic jam with Justin Bieber and Coldplay bumper stickers on the cars in front. So he gets out and walks. The brilliant music video goes on to see Grohl angry with fast food employees; a shop keeper; golfers and a phone booth.

So they were my favourite music videos of 2011.
What were yours?
Let me know by leaving a comment below or tweeting me @MWB709


  1. Spoiler Alert!
    Two of these videos appear in my top ten videos of 2011, to be released probably tomorrow, maybe today.

  2. I dont think that Thom Yorke's movements can be described as "dancing"... its more like having a fit in time to the music tbh...