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Friday, 23 March 2012

Mutineers Interview

The Mutineers are an indie pop band from Manchester consisting of Nicholas (vocals/keys/guitar), Iwan (bass/keys) Mikey (guitar) and Charlie (keys/bass/guitar). They released their debut album 'Lovers, Friends, Rivals' in 2010 and are currently working on new material. I sent them some questions about their debut album and what we can expect from them in the future.

When, where and how did you form as a band?
Michael Reed: "We formed back in 2008 and it was through being drinking friends and knowing each other in general in and around the music scene in Manchester. We all had separate projects that were sort of coming to an end so we decided to start afresh." 

How long have you each being playing your respective instruments?
Michael Reed: "I think we've all been doing it since those formative years when you start to get interested in music. In guessing it was in the 90s when there was a real explosion of good guitar bands making interesting music. The likes of Blur, Pulp and so on."

What was the inspiration behind your debut album 'Friends, Lovers, Rivals' ?
Michael Reed: "I can't truly speak for it in a lyrical sense as every word was penned by the singer Nicholas Mallins, but I do have an understanding of where he's coming from with most of it. The songs are mainly about that troublesome time when you hit your mid 20s and life doesn't seem to have exactly met the high standards that you've set yourself. It deals with relationships, disappointment, ambition, friendships, frustrations of modern life. But overall I'd say it's quite a hopeful album and very romantic sounding in parts, that sort of yearning feeling you get sometimes with music really comes across after repeated listens, especially with tracks such as 'Alone In Our Ideas' or 'Shadow Kisses'. At the time of making the album I think we were listening to a lot of the good 80s pop bands, the likes of The Cure, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Smiths, New Order et al. So that has a definite influence and you can probably hear it in certain songs, but by the same token we were just as likely to be turned on by something that perhaps Bloc Party of The National were putting out."

Who are your musical inspirations?
Michael Reed: "I think that has sort of already been answered in the previous question, but to expand on it I guess it's not just musicians that have an influence upon our songs. I think the lyrics have a big part to play. Nick is an avid reader and has spent time working in book shops so he's really exposed to all sorts of influences from that environment."

You recently supported Pete Doherty on tour. How was that? Any wild nights or crazy parties?
Michael Reed: "Let's just say there were a few "beers" sunk backstage!! He certainly knows how to party that one. Same with the guys from The View when we opened for them."

Is there any new material in the pipeline?
Michael Reed: "Funny you should say that, there's basically an entire album + leftovers written and we were just jamming through a few ideas last night. I'd say the new stuff is slightly funkier and rhythmic than the 1st album but not in a James Brown sort of way. Although fear not, you still get that hit of Jangly melancholic indie pop that people are so into at the moment. I'd be stupid not to go with what we're best at!"

What are your aspirations as a band?
Michael Reed: "To be honest, we never really sort of expected the reaction we've been getting to this 1st album. We thought maybe we'd stick it out and then wind things down, but from here on in I just think we're going to get this next album completed and get out on tour, there seems to be sufficient demand there that perhaps wasn't around 6 months ago. It's an exciting thing but I guess at the same time it puts us under pressure to come up with something even better this time around. We have a big one off Manchester show coming in June and that will sort of mark an end to the Friends, Lovers, Rivals era and at the same time point towards what's to come."

You can buy their debut album 'Friends, Lovers, Rivals' here:

You can find out more about The Mutineers here:


  1. Great music, just a shame the singer can't sing... his lyrics are excellent but the voice? Meh.

  2. I adore Nicholas' vocals. They're unique and raw with emotion. He's one of the best singers in modern music.

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