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Monday, 16 January 2012

Single Reviews 15/01/12

Single Of  The Week:

The Shins - Simple Song
Taking a break from side project 'Broken Bells', James Mercier has made a new record with his old band 'The Shins'. The first taster of this new album is the superb new single 'Simple Song'. Starting in a similar way to how Greg Lake's 'I Believe In Father Christmas' ends, the huge sounding progression of the introduction prepares you for what is not a quite a simple song. Even though it has the blueprints for s straightforward pop song, The Shins go further than this. With many instruments being thrown into the mix and each one being played to their limits, 'Simple Song' feels like a lot has gone into it and only what is needed has come out. Its not overproduced or under produced. It's just brilliant. Not only does this show that Mercier is a man of many talents but that he is currently up their with the best musicians around today.


Professor Green - Never Be A Right Time
New song from Professor Green's second album 'At Your Inconvenience' sees British rapper go quite soppy. Nothing here to offend the ears but nothing to interest them either.

The Carpels - Bears
Indie band from Birmingham's new single from their highly anticipated debut album. With fantastic guitar work and powerful vocals, 'Bears' is a great indie tune done well. One of the best new bands around. I'm predicting big things for them this year.

Taio Cruz - Troublemaker
Any song which starts with the words "I saw when you arrived, looking like a super model
your ass from the side looks just like a coke bottle" deserves to be banned due to pain to the human ear. Not only are the lyrics terrible and the noises in the background irritating, there seems to be a distinctive lack of a pop hook. So a throwaway pop song which isn't even catchy. An early contender for worst song of 2012. Things can only get better...

Skrillex & The Doors - Breakin' A Sweat
Dubstep producer Sonny John Moore aka Skrillex came 4th in the BBC Sound of 2012. His latest effort sees him collaborating with members of the legendary rock band 'The Doors'. Although I do find this song quite OTT, I respect that. Something a bit totally bonkers is refreshing from the boring; beige music around nowadays, especially when this song has been A-listed on Radio 1. It's also nice to hear an innovator of the dubstep genre making music rather than all the rip-offs in the charts. Not exactly my cup of tea but a breath of fresh air from the boring and the rip-offs.