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Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Product: Interview and Single Review

The Product are an alternative rock band from Detroit, Michigan, USA. The band consists of lead singer BJ Perry, lead guitarist Charlie Jewell, bass player Rich Bennett and drummer RJ Perry. Below is my interview with the band and a review of their new single 'My Damage'.

When/where/how was the band formed? 

Rich: The Product was formed back in late 2008 early 2009. B.J. had been in a few moderately successful local bands, but wanted to take things much further. He began writing songs, going to band members until finally the right ones came along. Specifically, one day B.J. just was cancelled on by a drummer again and said that he had enough, he told his brother R.J. that day that it's time for you to learn drums. R.J. wanting to be in a more serious band than he was at the time decided that this sounded great. He bought a drum set the next day. Rich Bennett and Charlie Jewell completed the lineup and after writing songs for almost the first year. The Product released their debut/self produced e.p. "Break The Silence," which was used by MTV, Spike T.V., TNA Wrestling and even got them a date on Ernie Ball's Warped Tour Stage.

Who are your musical inspirations?

R.J. - I am just a huge music fan in general, and enjoy a wide spectrum. I enjoy my rock bands, folk singer-songwriter type stuff, punk, ska, seriously everything. The Gaslight Anthem, A.A. Bondy, Brand New are some high ups there.

Rich - I'm into a lot of fast bands - NOFX, Strike Anywhere, stuff like that. I also really like techno. Don't ask me why.

B.J. - I'm a big fan of Rock n Roll. Classics, Modern, whatever. If it has loud guitars, catchy chorus and makes me move, I love it. 

Charlie - Some artists that I will probably always listen to are Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, and 30 Seconds To Mars.

What is your new song 'My Damage' about?

Rich: My Damage is a song about a relationship. Not necessarily a typical boy/girl song. It's more about a person who has an addiction. This addiction is bad for them, they know it's bad, they know they need to stop and get away from this thing/person. They try and try, but they can't get away. That's why it's called "My Damage." It symbolises the fact that the person needs this other part of them, but at the same time it's destroying them. We felt a lot of people can relate to that situation all over and thought it would be a great debut single

What can we expect from your new EP and when can we buy it?

Rich: Our single "My Damage" is going to be released for sale digitally on most music distributors (iTunes, etc) on May 1st. We will also begin our pre-order for the E.P. on that date from . The E.P. will follow up with it's release on June 5th online for most music distributors as well as our store on our website. You can expect big things from this E.P. "My Damage" has already been picked up on a few major rock stations throughout the U.S., and we are getting more on board everyday. The C.D. was produced by Brian Virtue who did 30 Seconds To Mars, Puddle Of Mudd, Chevelle, and a bunch of other great music. We've waiting a long time to release this, and have put a lot of time, energy, and heart into it. We're very proud of this record.

What new bands are you loving at the moment?

Rich: As a band we're really digging a lot of stuff from Cavo, Adelita's Way, and The Veer Union right now.

When / where can we see you performing live?

Rich: Mostly just in the Midwest [of America] right now, you can view all of our upcoming shows on our facebook at this link ( )... but we will be branching out with a national tour very soon!

What are your ambitions as a band? Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Rich: You know... we're just four guys who really enjoy playing music, our main goal is to be able to play music and be able to survive off it. We're not looking for a lot, just enough to pay the bills you know. The biggest payoff is seeing people sing your songs back to you at live shows and tell you that they could relate to the song. It's the biggest rush there is.

Single Review

The Product - My Damage

Sounding like a mix between mid era Papa Roach and 
Breaking Benjamin's 'The Diary of Jane', the new single from Detroit rock band The Product is one of the most confident sounding rock songs of recent years. One of the songs where you feel they've taken an already overused formula and then improved it with bold production and quality musicianship.  Although not really a fan of the genre, the heavy guitar riffs and lead singer BJ Perry's passionate but yet quite cool vocals completely won me over. Hopefully this shows good things to come from their new EP released later this year.

'My Damage' is available to buy from May 1st

Click here to watch a teaser My Damage video

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