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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Single Reviews by Michael Barwise 06/11/11

Single Of The Week:
Lana Del Rey – Video Games
Already an Internet sensation and winner of a Q award just because of one song. So is it actually any good? Well yes as it happens. First time around listening to it you notice that for one thing it is really depressing. Also it doesn’t really go anywhere as a song. However it makes you stop and listen to her beautiful voice in awe. It is a majestic ballad that really does stand out from the rest of the electro manufactured synth pop that is clogging up radio stations nowadays. It’s not a throwaway pop single. It is poised and has a very grand orchestral arrangement which fits to her vocal immaculately. It will leave you lost for words. Stunning.  

Justin Bieber – Mistletoe
It’s Christmas!!! Well actually it isn’t. It was mid-October when he released this song. So why does Justin Bieber’s new song have jingle bells all the way through it? The song has references to “winter snow”; “chestnuts roasting”; “reindeer flying through the sky” and “Santa coming tonight”. Not only is it unseasonable but it’s really corny as well. “The Wise men followed the star, the way I followed my heart. And it led me to a miracle.” Oh dear...well I suppose it is Christmas after all. (But it’s not!)

The Collective – Teardrop
The new Children In Need charity single is a cover of Massive Attack’s haunting song “Teardrop” features the hottest acts from UK urban music scene (such as Ed Sheeran; Wretch 32; Tinchy Stryder and more).  Organised by Gary Barlow for a great cause it is unfortunate then that much of the talent on show has been wasted. Although what might have been a good idea at the time, the use of inspirational but incredibly basic words doesn’t quite seem to really make an impact on the listener. (“Full stops; exclamation marks; punctuation” aren’t really the best lyrics that some of these artists are credited for). In fact the only real thought provoking lyrics are in the original chorus which, thankfully, they keep in this version.  The drum and bass effect running throughout the song is completely unnecessary. The factors lead to the original Massive Attack song being ruined. It’s a shame that what was originally quite a good idea and had the best intentions, hasn’t really worked out as a decent charity single.  However if, like me, you’re not a fan of this song. still donate to Children In Need.  

LMFAO –Sexy And I Know It

No you’re not. 

Tribes – When My Day Comes

The new Tribes song sounds like a guitar heavy “Read My Mind” (by The Killers) in the chorus and borrows its riff from the intro to “I Fought The Law” (by The Clash). However this is not a bad thing at all, if anything it takes these elements and drags them into a new direction. The riff itself drives the song forward into the verses which have front man Johnny Lloyd rhetorically asking “why should we worry about asking our age?”  As the smashing drums and guitars enter the chorus it feels like a soundtrack to overcrowded venue about 40 sweaty people jumping up and down to it. It’s almost the “I Fought The Law” for the 21st century.     

More Singles Reviews coming next week...

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