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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Singles Reviews 30/11/11

Single Of The Week:
The Wombats - '1996'
The sixth single from The Wombats’ second album ‘This Modern Glitch’ sees them reminiscing about their youth in the 1990’s and specifically 1996 (coincidently the year I was born in). For a band who are often criticised for being a bit silly, the lyrics are incredibly honest. The heavy use of synth and polished production may seem a bit irregular on some of the other tracks the Wombats have released in the last 12 months, but they hit the nail on the head in 1996. The use of guitars in the bridge makes it sound more pure and raw. This song alone could turn a lot of people’s opinions of The Wombats around and they should now be taken seriously as a band. With songs like 1996, they deserve some credit. 

Kelly Rowland – 'Down For Whatever'

Previously part of massive girl group ‘Destiny’s Child’ and currently a judge on the X Factor, Kelly Rowland has proven herself to be a qualified music expert. However none of this comes across in her latest single Down For Whatever. With its David Guetta influenced style it is a key example of trash music. There is no real substance to it and could probably be made in a day. The chorus is more annoying than catchy and it uses the same rubbish dance backing track that has been literally used to death recently.  Disappointing.

Wu Lyf - 'We Bros'
Although relatively new to the music scene, WU LYF have caused a bit of a stir after a recent interview with NME Magazine where they slated everyone from Arctic Monkeys to Everything Everything. However with a critically acclaimed album under their belt and having won the ‘Best New Act’ award at the Q Awards last month they can afford to be confident. Their new single ‘We Bros’ is the poppiest song they have made due to its fantastic melody where an accessible pop hook is clearly present. The song contains organs and is lead by the singer’s unusual vocals. A decent as well as inventive piece of music.

One Direction – 'Gotta Be You'
Trying for a more mature approach on their second single, Ex-X Factor contestants One Direction have acquired a large fan base since their appearance on the show last year. Sadly the large quantity of fans doesn’t appear to justify this mediocre and quite boring song. The verses don’t seem to have any redeeming features lyrically and vocally. The chorus fails to interest me. By the time the song has finished it leaves me feeling bored. It’s not that it’s painful on the ears, it’s just that it doesn’t make me happy like pop song should do. Don’t believe the hype.  

Red Hot Chili Peppers – 'Monarchy Of Roses

They still got the funk. Unfortunately Monarchy Of Roses is not a patch off their best work. The song is quite formulaic and feels as if it has been many times before so there is not much I can say about it. They still know how to deliver a half decent pop song though.

Stay tuned for more Singles Reviews next week. 


  1. !!!
    Agree totally about '1996'
    I never listened to them much before, found them boring, listened to '1996' and love it!

  2. I'm actually with NichtMehrClaire with this i've never really been into The Wombats but 1996 has kind of got me listening to them and they're not too bad :L All good stuff again from you Michael :)

  3. Well I don't agree not all good stuff .... Monarchy of roses only 56% is a bit harsh I mean I know it's not there best song or album but it is a good song so i think I should have at least 66% .....and giving one direction a review is shocking enough but giving them over 10% is too far I mean I could make a better song it I dragged my cat by its tail through a rose bush while Lou reed and Metallica played Justin beavers new album on constant repeat until finally Coldplay starts to play too put everyone out of there misery !!!!!!! May have rambled on too much :(

  4. You are actually hilarious :D I agree with the thing about 1 direction although I dont think it's "not that it's painful to the ears", I think the chorus is slightly high for the vocal ranges of the band.... to put it politely, but other than that, I agree :)


  5. You're right about Monarchy Of Roses, verse doesn't match the chorus whatsoever. Good reviews, pretty much spot on ear for music! Future talent!

  6. Thanks very much. Is there anything you want me to review next?

  7. I dare you. Double donkey dare you to listen to the whole of Justin Bieber's latest offering, 'Mistletoe', and write an insightful comprehensive review of it. Here's a taster of the challenges your ears might come up against: